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High End Ceilings

In addition to our specialization in sound control and acoustic management, we also offer additional services in designing and building customized high end ceilings. Whether you want to incorporate acoustical treatments into your ceiling design or simply go for a more classic or unique wood design, we will work with you to create the perfect custom ceiling for your property. We use ceiling products from a variety of top manufacturers, including 9wood, Decoustics, Gordon, Ceilings Plus, and more. We can create any effect you desire, from simple and reserved styles to the most elaborate curved or vaulted ceilings. Whatever you are imagining, Acoustic Specialties can get it done for you.

What are the benefits of custom ceilings?

Ceilings are very frequently overlooked as a space for expression. A well-chosen and well-designed custom ceiling can add an enormous amount of aesthetic value to a space, tying a room together and giving it a unique character. Because the ceiling hangs over all the other features of a room, it influences a visitor’s perception of the entire space. A wide variety of effects are possible, from simple lines that simply add an accent to the room, to elaborate vaulted or tiled ceilings that can become a focus of a visitor’s attention.

We will work with you to design a ceiling with a unique character that speaks to your business. Whether you are looking for understated elegance for a public building or a highly designed and eye-catching decorative ceiling for your corporate office, Acoustic Specialties will bring you the perfect solution. If you are planning new construction or a renovation, contact Acoustic Specialties today. With a little information about the effect you’re looking for and your budget, we can give you a range of options that will complete the design of your space.

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