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Acoustical Ceilings

Here at Acoustic Specialties, one of our most popular products is Acoustical Ceiling tiles. Although they were once only common in industrial and institutional settings, more and more people are realizing that they are a functional and attractive choice for businesses, offices, and other settings. Their many benefits include improved sound quality and noise insulation, flexibility, and their ability to quickly and easily enhance the appearance of a room.

Benefits of acoustic ceilings

The number one benefit of acoustic ceilings is their ability to dampen ambient noise. Acoustic tile is extremely sound absorbent, so it not only removes the harshness and echoes of noises within a room, but it also reduces the amount of noise that can penetrate from one level of a building to another. These effects are especially useful in rooms with hard surface flooring, where echoes can be a real problem. If acoustic tiles are installed in a room with a sound system, they can vastly improve the sound quality by reducing the amount of sound reflection in the room.

When some people hear “acoustic tile,” they think of the dusty old ceiling tiles they remember from their times in high school. However, there is no reason for acoustic tile to be so plain and unattractive. In fact, we can supply tiles in many styles that will enhance the look of a room. They are also extremely flexible, and there are options that will be complementary to any décor. An additional benefit is that if a room has an unfinished ceiling or exposed pipes or wiring, acoustic tiles can hide all those features, giving the room a completed and tidy appearance. Finally, acoustic tiles are quick and easy to install, and replacing a damaged tile is even easier.

If you are considering the ways your property can benefit from acoustic tiles, contact Acoustic Specialties today.

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